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enchantedstamps's Journal

A Staming Community For Disney's Enchanted
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Which Enchanted Character Are You?
Welcome to the first and only stamping community
based on the characters of Disney's Enchanted.


1. You don't have to be stamped to vote for other members.

2. Play nice with the other members, or you won't have your happily ever after.

3. After ten votes, you will be stamped. If there is a tie, thirteen lucky votes will break it. This rule will go into effect after the first two weeks.

4. Please do not push for characters. You won't be voted on this way.

5. With this in mind, don't delete other members' votes. Your application will be deleted.

6. To prove you at least skimmed over the rules, write "How does she know" in the subject line and "that you love her?" in the lj cut text.

7. Please, please, please use an lj cut!

8. Elaboration is your friend. We want to see lengthy answers to the questions. It's hard to decide what your personality is like if you write very short replies.

9. When voting, bold your votes. It makes things easier. As an example, write "You remind me of Robert" instead of "You remind me of Robert."

10. Have fun!

A round of applause goes to grappig47 for creating the stamps.

Theme Months Coming Soon!

You may be stamped as one of the following characters~~

~ Giselle
~ Pip
~ Prince Edward
~ Nathaniel
~ Queen Narissa
~ Robert
~ Morgan
~ Nancy
~ Sam

Things are between two mods at this time.
We apologize for any delays.